Trustly launches Trustly Express in several European countries

In complete confidence deployed Trustly Express in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

Trustly Express reportedly reduced the number of steps at checkout for returning users for an improved experience. The company continues to take steps to realize its vision of accelerating the shift to a cardless society by making account-to-account (A2A) payments a new global standard, and the launch of Trustly Express aims to reinforce this evolution. Trustly Express wants to enable merchants to improve the payment experience for their end users, driving increased conversion and customer loyalty.

Built on the bank’s PSD2 APIs, Trustly Express reduces the number of steps at checkout for returning users. Instead of a regular experience, typically with a five-step flow including two Strong Customer Authentication* (SCAs) where the consumer identifies themselves, Trustly Express reduces the flow to a single payment confirmation page and a single SCA . This allows returning consumers to complete their debit payment more quickly, with the SCA step typically being biometric-based (FaceID or a fingerprint becoming a standard offering among banks in Europe).

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