These 2 countries will allow unrestricted entry to all travelers from May

Greece and Switzerland are the latest two countries to announce they will drop all their COVID-19 entry restrictions in May.

Authorities in both countries have announced that they will lift all measures on May 2, reports

Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris has said Greece will no longer apply entry rules to incoming travellers.

According to the Minister, all travellers, whether arriving in Greece from an EU country or a third country, will no longer be required to present a valid vaccination, recovery or test certificate upon arrival.

This means that all travellers, even those who have not been vaccinated or cured of the virus as well as those who do not hold a COVID-19 test, will soon be allowed to enter Greece without restriction for all kinds of purposes.

>> Greece to officially drop COVID restrictions for all travelers on May 2

Likewise, the Swiss authorities have announced that travelers from all over the world will soon be able to enter Switzerland without having to comply with any entry rules.

The Swiss State Secretariat for Migration said that as soon as the measures are lifted, all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, will no longer be required to provide proof of COVID-19 upon arrival in Switzerland.

Authorities have stressed that from May 2, inbound travelers will only need to follow other border rules, such as possession of a valid passport or visa, if such a requirement applies. their.

>> Switzerland to lift COVID-19 entry restrictions for all travelers on May 2

Greece and Switzerland’s decision to drop the COVID-19 entry restriction follows low infection rates and high vaccination rates.

Figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveal that Greece reported 50,112 new cases of infection and Switzerland reported 9,703 new cases of infection in the past seven days.

As for the vaccination rates in these two countries, the data shows that they continue to increase every day.

According to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Greece has administered a total of 20,726,866 vaccine doses as of April 21. This means that 81.9% of the entire adult population completed the primary vaccination and 64.6% received an additional dose of vaccine.

As for Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health shows that Switzerland has administered 15,664,046 doses of vaccine as of April 19. Of the total population, 69.1% of them completed the primary vaccination and only 42.8% received a booster injection.