The Amazing Race AU reveals competitors racing across continents

The Amazing Race Australia is back for another great adventure, returning Monday, August 29 at 10 and 10 Play.

Hosted by Handsome Ryanthis season will see competitors race across six continents and experience the extraordinary delights of international destinations such as Turkey, Greece, Belize, Morocco, Mexico and Colombia.

Hitting six separate continents, 20 teams of two will travel across Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America in a race that will see the winner take home the biggest price of The Amazing Race Australia the story.

The winner will take home $250,000 and walk away with two brand new cars – an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-X.

The teams

angel and frankie – QLD

Bren & Anja –WA

Chelsea and Jamus – QLD

Crystal and Reem – New South Wales

Movie & Gaby –VIC

Fliss and Tottie – New South Wales

heath and toni –VIC

Jacques and holly – New South Wales

Jodie & Claire – New South Wales

Kathy and Chace – New South Wales

Kelly and Georgia – QLD

Lauren & Steph –WA

Morgan and Lilly – QLD

Pako and Mori – New South Wales

Paul and Rachel –VIC

Sam and Alex – HER

Sam and Stu –WA

Stuart & Glennon – NT

Tammie and Vincent – VIC/QLD

Tiffany and Cynthia –WA

Last year the season has a particular twist, it is happening entirely due to Covid restrictions.

The Eureka and 10 teams both wanted to take advantage of the rare opportunity they had to do a different type of race.

The team also wanted to take this opportunity to embrace Australian culture and showcase the country.

“Over the past few years people have been going overseas for their adventures, and it’s allowed us to shine the spotlight on Australia and seek out such exotic and unusual places and people.”

“When you travel overseas you tend to skydive and only see the culture of that area, where we had to look in Australia, but we didn’t have to look far to find the experiences and the people. the most amazing,” the entertainment manager said. Sophie Mogford to bring together the most difficult The Amazing Race Australia nowadays.