Tehran calls on European countries to release Iranian detainees – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

In an interview with IRNA, Nasser Kanaani said the detention of Iranian national Hamid Nouri and his trial were unlawful and based on baseless charges.

Nouri was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Swedish court after months of trial.

Kanaani said Nouri’s detention and trial were completely unacceptable to Iran and that Tehran had seriously demanded his release from the Swedish government, pursuing the case both legally and politically.

The spokesperson also said that the Foreign Ministry was doing the same in the case of Assadollah Assadi, another Iranian citizen detained in Belgium, in order to release him.

The diplomat also commented on President Ebrahim Raisi’s foreign policy, noting that his approach to foreign policy was based on latent potentials in this area.

A dynamic, balanced and intelligent foreign policy based on looking to Asia and looking East to harness the potentials of the East constitute the main diplomatic approach of the 13th administration, i.e. say the Raisi administration, according to Kanaani.

He noted that the administration’s achievements after Raisi’s one-year term confirm that the policy adopted was correct to protect Iran’s interests.

The focus on Asia does not mean potentials in other geographies are overlooked, Kanaani said, adding that the current administration has focused on improving the economy and expanding economic ties with different countries.

Regarding the reconciliation talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the spokesperson said that various issues are discussed in these talks, both in the bilateral and regional fields.

He noted that it is important, however, that a new attitude has formed in Saudi Arabia that talks should continue so that Tehran and Riyadh can resume formal relations.