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“I’ve always wanted a red Corvette,” says Chuck Pickett of Lafayette.

“About eight years ago a car collector buddy had a loaded ’90s red Vette convertible. Six gears, all the bells and whistles, only 52,000 miles, etc. That gave me a great price.

“I had my wife take me for a test drive. She was pretty low and was fun to drive. I loved it. Not so much her.

“We went back to my friend’s house and had to crawl out of the crawl.

“No sale.”

Cajun style

Bill Potter says: “In 1968, I was Frenchie Hebert’s assistant welder on a pipeline. One day we stopped at a farm near Arnaudville, where Frenchie engaged the farmer in a conversation in Cajun French.

“Using my French from Bogalusa High, I understood that he wanted to buy rabbits for his grandchildren.

“Frenchie told me to come back that afternoon and pick up the rabbits.

“On the way back, I stopped at a grocery store, grabbed a box, and punched some ventilation holes in it.

“At the farm, the farmer gave me three rabbits that had their throats cut in white freezer paper. So much for my interpretation.

Bat disney

Kathy Gibbs, of Mandeville, tells “the story of an American schoolboy on a military base in Germany who couldn’t wait to get to Disney World to visit the castle:

“Not only did he miss one of the most interesting castles by not going to Heidelberg Castle; he also missed seeing Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (3:30 am from Mannheim).

“Walt Disney literally copied Neuschwanstein Castle when he built Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disney Park.

“People miss it so much that they don’t explore the areas around their place of residence. “

In heavy metal

Donald Landaiche of Donaldsonville says, “My two older brothers were very hardworking and found many ways to earn a few cents.

“One was to collect refundable soft drink bottles, scouring fields and treasure ditches, which fetched 2 to 5 cents apiece.

“When they saw a sign in a lumber yard, ‘Best price for scrap metal’, they loaded their little cart with my father’s tools. They weren’t old enough to know the difference between the tools yet. and scrap.

“Pop came home to find his missing important tools, got the boys to confess, and rushed to the lumber yard to retrieve his tools.”


BJ Wynne, from Gonzales, comments on a piece of news:

“Now that Mike the Tiger has been vaccinated against COVID, who is going to put the mask on – and make sure he stays on?” “

Never assume

Catherine Blanchard, from Brusly, says: “My boss once told me that I should never assume anything, after assuming we had Good Friday off.

“But I figured if I hinted at it, I might ask friends or family to paint my swing for me.

“No one volunteered, but I assumed the job couldn’t be that difficult. Four days after starting the job, with four coats of various paints, I finished – and I understood why no one volunteered to do it.

“I guess I finally learned my lesson.

Special Persons Department

Herbert “Rip” Collins, of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 94th birthday on Tuesday August 10th. He is a native of New Orleans, a graduate of the University of the South and a school principal in the parish of West Baton Rouge.

Journal Joker?

This note from Kenneth Toups leads me to believe that a normally staid Wall Street Journal editor was having a little fun.

The headline Kenneth spotted read “US Keeps Moving Towards Metric System.”

Find a job …

Alex “Sonny” Chapman of Ville Platte tells this story about the late Governor Edwin Edwards:

“In 1971, a few high school buddies received tickets to a fundraiser at the Heymann Center in Lafayette for the future governor. He had just beaten Bennett Johnston, Gills Long and other Democratic heavyweights, and was on the verge of beat Republican Dave Treen.

“EWE opened their speech to the crowd by saying, ‘To all who have not supported me before, I have no hard feelings, no ill will and no animosity. And no work.’”

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