Scott Bader Standardizes with Infor, Driving Global Cloud Upgrade Across Three Continents

Anwen Robinson, Managing Director of Infor and Senior Vice President for UK and Ireland.

Infor, the industry cloud company, announced that Scott Bader, the global chemical company, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Chemicals. Delivered by Infor Consulting Services through a multi-tenant cloud deployment, Infor CloudSuite Chemicals, including the Infor OS platform, will replace an existing Infor M3 ERP solution. This initial six-year agreement will allow Scott Bader to standardize and harmonize a variety of critical business functions for 380 users in North America, Canada, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and South Africa. South.

Founded in 1921, Scott Bader became Britain’s first employee-owned company in 1951. Today, it employs around 750 people at seven manufacturing sites and 17 offices around the world. Building on a century of tradition, it is a leader in the manufacture of products for the composites, structural adhesives and functional polymers markets, offering a range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities for multiple market sectors.

Fact sheet

Solution: Infor CloudSuite Chemistry

Industry: Chemical products

Vendor: Infor Consulting Services

User: Scott Bader

After a thorough market review including customer references, Scott Bader chose Infor because of its commitment to the cloud, the vertical chemical industry, and the production planning and scheduling functionality of Infor CloudSuite Chemicals. As third-party software integrations are planned in the future, the superior integration capabilities of the Infor OS cloud operating platform were also a key factor in Scott Bader’s decision.

Scott Bader chose a multi-tenant cloud deployment running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the company could benefit from continuous updates while maintaining standardized software with minimal customizations.

The initial phase of the deployment, which is expected to be completed in 2022, will help establish and deploy a set of standardized process models for Scott Bader globally. This will enable Scott Bader to undertake faster and more accurate reporting across the enterprise, improving decision-making and agility.

“Seven strategic goals drive Scott Bader,” said Mike Findlay-Wilson, group CIO at Scott Bader. “This includes striving for excellence, developing great partnerships with customers and suppliers, protecting our environment and going beyond compliance requirements. To achieve these goals, our business requires the best processes and an ability to continually stay current with supporting technologies. That’s why we chose to move to the cloud with Infor.

“Chemical leaders such as Scott Bader recognize the benefits of our industry-specific capabilities in combination with the enhancements brought about by cloud deployment,” said Anwen Robinson, general manager and senior vice president of Infor. for the UK and Ireland. “This transition to Infor CloudSuite Chemicals is the latest step in our relationship that will help improve planning, scheduling and processes to keep Scott Bader at the forefront of a demanding global market.

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