Poland expects EU countries to match its sanctions on Russia – The First News

Poland has called on other EU countries to replicate new Polish legislation on sanctions against entities that financially support Russia, a government spokesperson said.

Piotr Mueller said during a visit to Berlin on Tuesday: “We have introduced new national legislation regarding the possibility of imposing sanctions.

“Today the first 50 entities were placed on the national sanctions list,” he said. “These entities, according to the decisions that have been taken, have had their assets or business activities frozen and are prohibited from participating in tenders in Poland.”

He added that these were entities that “directly or indirectly supported the Russian Federation financially and therefore, unfortunately, also supported the military offensive on the territory of Ukraine.”

Mueller underlined that the Polish side expects “similar measures to be taken throughout the European Union, because only through common procedures, through a collective closure of markets – in particular for the oil, gas and coal – that it will be possible to cut Russia off from funding.”

He also recalled that Poland had already decided to boycott Russian coal.

“Poland has declared that by the end of the year it will prepare its entire energy system in such a way as to completely abandon gas and oil supplies” from Russia, he said. “We expect similar statements from other European countries, we expect similar statements from Germany.”