Nintendo’s latest reveal and E3 2021 hype and mysteries

For the second year in a row, the pandemic thwarted plans for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game show colloquially known as E3, to host its annual event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year’s four-day online gala was low on razzmatazz video games. At least that was until Nintendo brought in the charm with its “WarioWare” board game and a preview of its sequel to “The Legend of Zelda” masterpiece, “Breath of the Wild”.

The follow-up to the entry of the “Zelda” franchise in 2017 will arrive sometime in 2022. A brief clip showed a fire simmering around a floating castle rising into the sky. We haven’t learned much, just this hero, Link, will have new abilities (the power to fight his way through solid objects), and much of the game will take place in a realm in the air.

Nintendo’s showcase capped six days of online video game events, many of which are dedicated to a conference whose importance had been questioned even before the pandemic. Sony and other big players have pulled out in recent years. Others, like Electronic Arts, now organize their own video game exhibitions.

And E3 hasn’t exactly exercised its dominance. The event was overshadowed by a similar extravaganza dubbed the Summer Game Fest, an offshoot of the December Game Awards.

The board games from “WarioWare: Get It Together!” are perfect for our late pandemic era.


Sony was MIA again at E3, instead spending the week promoting their new game in the “Ratchet & Clank” franchise. Other big studios, such as Warner Bros. Interactive, have kept their most popular games a secret. Although Square Enix had raised the curtain on its “Guardians of the Galaxy” game and Ubisoft made a valiant effort to relaunch the “Avatar” franchise, E3 lacked the content to justify four days of programming in. line.

Fortunately, Nintendo has given us everyone’s favorite Mario nemesis: Wario.

Nintendo would clearly prefer to draw attention to its latest entry into the “Metroid” brand, but the collection of wacky minigames “WarioWare: Get It Together!” seems to me like the perfect title for the end of the pandemic to come out.

That is, it’s a board game full of silly, brief two-player challenges – clips appear to show players brushing their teeth, trimming armpit hair – which are great for the passage of the controller and just as pleasing to the eye. The game isn’t due until September 10, but I’m already looking forward to my “WarioWare” home party for the vaccinated.

Watching Wario make his way through weird challenges was the highlight of my week watching events online. Here’s what stands out from E3 and Summer Game Fest.

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