Met Éireann reveals how hot it will be on hottest day of the year – like Irish temperatures compared to Mediterranean

Today, we are looking to break records as the hottest day of the year, with scorching temperatures set at 28 ° C in parts of the country.

Ireland is currently warmer than France and temperatures are expected to reach the end of the 1920s as a heat wave hits the country.

People rush to parks and coasts to escape the city heat, with heavy traffic expected on the way to popular beaches and beauty spots.

Sales of grills, ice cream and sunscreens are also expected to increase.

The highest temperature recorded at lunchtime today was at Phoenix Park in Dublin at 26.1 ° C.

A spokesperson for the Met Éireann said: “Today is likely to be the hottest day of the year so far,” with temperatures yesterday beating the record 27.5C in Roscommon.

“We are likely to see that outdated today,” said Met Éireann, with the highest temperatures of 28C expected in the Midlands.

Temperatures in Ireland today are similar to those in mainland Europe and the Mediterranean.

At lunchtime the temperature in Rome was 25C, while Paris was 22C and Marseille in the south of France was 30 degrees.

Vienna was at 26C today at lunchtime, while Athens in Greece was at 32C and Spain at 34C.

According to Met Éireann, the good weather should last under Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

“It looks like at the moment it holds up into next week, there will probably be an outage towards the end of the week, but there are definitely less, probably until Wednesday or Thursday,” they said.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 ° C at Kilkenny Castle on June 26, 1887

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