HandCash expands BSV top-ups to Germany, Italy and 29 more countries

bitcoin wallet CashCash announced its expansion to more than 30 European countries and now covers the entire European Economic Area (EEA).

HandCash revealed that it is expanding to Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Turkey, Northern Ireland and two dozen other countries.

For now, users in these countries can purchase BSV and top up their wallets, after which they will have access to all other apps in the bitcoin space. Most apps integrate HandCash as it facilitates seamless, fast and convenient peer-to-peer payments. Users can enjoy casual play on Haste Arcade, get a unique virtual NFT pet on Duro Dogs, play over 70 games on Peergame including Blackjack and Roulette, or even compete against each other in a game friendly chess game on PowChess.

Signing up for HandCash in the updated list of EEA countries will only require a date of birth and full name for new users for the first $50. For the next level, they will need to scan a valid passport, ID or driver’s license and take a picture of their face.

In its interaction with its loyal users, HandCash also gave updates on some of its other products. On its integration of the popular USDC stablecoin, which it teased a few weeks ago, and which founder Alex Agut spoke to CoinGeek about, HandCash revealed that the team has been working tirelessly to introduce the new feature to its users.

Regarding exit ramps, the wallet is awaiting regulatory approval to move forward with the feature.

CashCash announcement the addition of integrated fiat ramps in February this year. This makes BSV accessible to anyone with a credit card or iOS/Android smartphone with just a few clicks, reducing what was previously a multi-tiered process that involved 2-3 different service providers.

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