Gamasutra – Press Releases – Galencourt House Update from Chivalry 2 features Galencourt and Courtyard maps, Arena mode, Arrow Cam and more!

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ROSWELL, Georgia – August 11, 2021 – The ultimate medieval battleground continues to grow as more players embark on the fun of the award-winning multiplayer hit, Chivalry 2. Developer Torn Banner Studios, publisher Tripwire Presents, and global retail publishing partner Deep Silver are excited to announce the launch of the first free content update for Chivalry 2. Available today for PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One family of devices and Xbox Series X | S console systems, the Galencourt House the update introduces two new maps, an all new game mode, the return of the popular arrow camera function of the original Medieval battle of knights, over 60 new customization options and much more!

Chivalry 2 is a first-person multiplayer slasher inspired by epic battles from medieval movies. Players are immersed in the action of every iconic moment of the era, from clashing swords and storms of flaming arrows to sprawling castle sieges, and more. Dominate huge battlefields as catapults tear through the earth as players besiege castles, set villages on fire, and slaughter filthy peasants in returning team objective cards.

Improve the original genre that defines Medieval battle of knights in all directions, Chivalry 2 invites players to master the blade with an all-new and improved combat system that combines real-time strikes and a smooth combo system to speed up the action and allow players to become a whirlwind of steel on the battlefield. Created with the ability to fight multiple enemies in mind, Chivalry 2‘s combat blends the best of FPS and fighting game genres for an unparalleled melee experience.

Chivalry 2 at launch was just the foundation and was intentionally built to be extended ” said Steve Piggott, CEO and Creative Director of Torn Banner Studios. “Today’s update is just the first step in our continued commitment to double the size and reach of Chivalry 2 free. We hope players enjoy it!

Chivalry 2: Galencourt House Key features of the update include:

  • Galencourt (New team objectives map): The Masonic army brutally besieges the great fortified city of Galencourt and seat of the Agathian church. Capture the great fortified fortifications, blow up the ships in the harbor, then desecrate the relics and tomb of Feydrid!
  • Court (New Team Deathmatch / Free-for-All / Arena Map): An agreement to settle the Battle of Courtyard through a duel of champions is broken, as unsuspecting nobles are dragged into the carnage.
  • Arena Mode: Experience more competitive, smaller-scale battles with an emphasis on teamwork in this all-new game mode, featuring 3v3 team battles with winners determined by the first to win 5 rounds. Arena mode will be playable in special 3-map versions: Tournament Grounds, Fighting Pits and the new Courtyard map.
  • Cam Arrow: Back by popular demand, archers can look forward to the return of their loved one Medieval battle of knights feature that attaches a camera to the drawn arrows for truly cinematic action shots.
  • Over 60 new personalization elements: The Armory will receive over 60 options for new weapons, armor, voiceovers and more to customize the appearance of your Agatha Knights and Mason Order teams. Highlights include Argon’s Sword, Skullcrusher Mace, Gold Leaf Shield, and more!

Chivalry 2 has an MSRP of $ 39.99 / € 39.99 / £ 34.99 MSRP for the standard edition or $ 49.99 / € 49.99 / £ 44.99 for the special edition, with an ESRB rating of M for Mature and a PEGI 18 rating. To stay up to date with the latest Chivalry 2 news, please subscribe to the newsletter on the official website, follow Tripwire Presents, join the official website Chivalry 2 Discord Server, and follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Chivalry 2 © ® 2020 Torn Banner Studios Inc. Tripwire Interactive ™ and Tripwire ™ are registered trademarks owned by Tripwire Interactive LLC. Posted by Koch Media, Austria. Deep Silver® is a registered trademark of Koch Media in the United States and elsewhere.

Chivalry 2 will be released on PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store and via select online retailers via Publisher Iceberg Interactive.

Torn Banner Studios
Torn Banner Studios is an exciting independent video game company located in Toronto, Canada. Passion and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We are people who really love games and have the chance to pursue our dreams, thanks to the incredible support of our community.

We want to go where other companies are afraid to go, because we believe that great games start with the passion of a small group of die-hard fans. These fans have the deepest understanding and appreciation for the topic they love and a vision for how it should be presented in a game. We want to bring that vision to life and empower more people to experience it. appreciate. We want to embrace thought-provoking ideas that, when done right, create truly powerful and unique games that will be remembered. You say it can’t be done? We say bring it.

About Tripwire Interactive
Formed in 2005 as a humble independent developer and founded by gamers who have found success in the video game modding community, Tripwire Interactive has developed and self-released several critically acclaimed titles in the hugely popular Slaughter area and Rising storm franchises, which have collectively sold over 20 million units to date. The studio’s most recent hit release, Maneater, breaks new ground in the popular action RPG genre and finds players playing the role of a deadly shark with the uncanny ability to evolve as it feeds.

Since then, Tripwire Interactive has expanded its business with the publishing division, Tripwire Presents, transforming its experience and resources to include publishing titles spanning multiple platforms and genres from other talented independent studios. Tripwire Presents aims to help like-minded independent studios market their titles, including Chivalry 2 developed by Torn Banner Studios, Espire 1: VR Operative developed by Digital Lode and Road Redemption developed by EQ Games and Pixel Dash Studios.

About Deep Silver
Deep Silver develops and distributes interactive games for all platforms. The Deep Silver label means captivating all gamers who are passionate about exciting gameplay in exciting game worlds. Deep Silver works with its partners to achieve maximum success while maintaining the highest possible quality, always focusing on what the customer desires.

Deep Silver has released over 200 games since 2003, including its own brands like the open-world extravagance Saints Row, the zombie action franchise Dead Island, and the grim post-apocalyptic future of the Metro series. Upcoming Deep Silver highlights include Dead Island 2 and Saints Row V. Deep Silver also owns Deep Silver development studios Dambuster Studios in Nottingham, UK; Deep Silver Fishlabs in Hamburg, Germany, Deep Silver Volition based in Champaign, IL, USA and Warhorse Studios based in Prague, Czech Republic. For more information, please visit

Koch Media is a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products (software, games and movies). The company’s publishing, marketing and distribution activities span across Europe, North America and Australia. The Koch Media Group has over 20 years of experience in the digital media industry and has become the leading publishing partner in Europe. It has also forged strategic alliances with many game and software publishers: Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Kaspersky Labs, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Milestone, Sega, Square Enix, etc. in various European countries. With its head office in Höfen, Austria, Koch Media has branches in Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Nordic regions, Benelux, Australia, Czech Republic and the United States.

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About Iceberg Interactive
Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of gaming industry veterans. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands and made up of passionate gamers, Iceberg works closely with an assembly of developers from games from around the world, both mid-sized and indie.

Known for many successful franchises including Empires of the circle, Starpoint Gemini and Endless Space; the company has had recent success with multi-format titles such as a transient, The Shortest Trip on Earth, The Sojourn and Railroad Corporation. Iceberg Interactive has many exciting upcoming games including Blazing Sails, Star Dynasties, and Sacred Fire.

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