Fact check: Fanta Lemon will be discontinued in all European countries from May 28, 2022.

There is no official statement that Fanta Lemon will be discontinued in Europe. Coca-Cola denied this claim in several tweets.

A claim that Fanta Lemon will be discontinued in all European countries from May 28 has gone viral on Facebook and other social media platforms. The post includes a caption that reads, “Holidays won’t be the same because Fanta Lemon needs to be stopped.” This claim is also making the rounds on TikTok, with different dates for the supposed shutdown. These videos have been shared on other social media platforms but the claim is false.

We found no official statement from Fanta’s parent company, Coca-Cola, confirming that Fanta Lemon will be discontinued. Additionally, the Coca-Cola Europe website has a comprehensive list of all products available in all countries, with over twenty European countries included. By cross-referencing the list of countries on several international Fanta websites, we found that not all European countries sell Fanta Lemon. France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Ireland are some of the European countries that currently sell Fanta Lemon.

Irish news site RSVP Live has contacted a spokesperson for Coca-Cola, who confirmed they have no plans to discontinue the lemon drink. The spokesperson added that Fanta Lemon is a key part of Fanta’s portfolio among the wide range of flavors offered across Europe.

On April 28, Fanta Great Britain & Ireland tweeted, “Keep calm – summer is still here, and Fanta Lemon is here to stay!” Additionally, in response to a Twitter user who asked about the quit rumours, they tweeted, “The panic is over – April Fool’s Day is over. Fanta Lemon is here to stay!

Additionally, on April 29, Coca-Cola Ireland tweeted: “Not true! Fanta Lemon isn’t going anywhere,” responding to a tweet that shared the viral claim. Previously, in 2018, a similar post went viral claiming that Fanta Lemon would stop in the United States; Fanta had to issue a clarification that the allegation was false.