ETMarkets Investor Guide: Is it finally time for banks to buckle up and start rallying?

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The market has been extremely choppy over the past few weeks. Belligerent comments from central banks, interest rate hikes, rising bond yields and selling by foreign investors hurt the market. Many steer clear of the market as there is no certainty about the direction it will take in the short term.

ETMarkets’ Shubham Raj sat down with Shibani Kurian, Head of Research, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, to decode the panic on Dalal Street and what the way forward might be.

The portfolio manager believes that the turmoil could continue in the near term, as valuations are still high relative to emerging market peers, but the long-term structure remains bullish. She also talked about her analysis of India Inc’s fourth quarter earnings.

Kurien outlined the major factors plaguing the banking industry and whether you should invest in them. Additionally, she also talked about the pockets of the market where value is emerging right now.

To listen!

Q. There are a lot of jerks. How to read the markets? How do you see it unfolding?

Q. Where do you see value emerging after the end of the fourth quarter results?

Q. RBI is likely to raise rates again next week. Do you think he didn’t act at the right time and therefore now has to make up for it?

Q. Banking is a much-talked-about industry that has produced dismal short-term returns. In the changing interest rate environment, can we see a recovery?

Q. What advice would you give to investors? Buy now or sit back until clarity emerges?

Thank you Shubham and Mrs. Kurian for a very intriguing conversation.

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