Colorful cocktail bar beats bra boutique to win title of the year

A 1970s-inspired cocktail bar battled fierce competition from a bra boutique and fairytale castle to be crowned Shed of the Year.

Creme de Menthe, a mint green entry from social media influencer Danielle Zarb-Cousin, beat more than 300 entries to win the 2021 Cuprinol Shed of the Year top prize after a public vote.

The 29-year-old from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, has transformed an old run-down brown shed into a retro bar with orange seats and interior.

She did the renovation during the lockdown after splitting from her fiance, former Love Island star Jonny Mitchell, last year.

Ms Zarb-Cousin made the shed when she was back home with her parents locked out after a breakup (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

She said: “I had a bad time with the breakup… the construction of the shed became a goal in a time of chaos.

“Coming back with my parents for the lockdown was not ideal and I needed my own space, so (once built) it was a place I could go and write undisturbed. “

Ms Zarb-Cousin will receive £ 1,000, a plaque and £ 100 of Cuprinol products for her victory, which included first place in the pub / entertainment category.

Along with the top prize, this year’s addictions contest featured seven categories and more entries – 331 – than ever before.

Joanna van Blommestein, from Faversham in Kent, specializes in postoperative support for women, such as those with breast cancer, and won the cottage / summer house category by setting up a bra boutique in his garden.

Joanna van Blommestein with her hangar The Bra Boss of Kent HQ (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

The 33-year-old said: “A lot of people don’t really appreciate bra fitting… it can be quite overwhelming or quite intimidating.

“I just wanted to make it a lovely, relaxing and stress-free place.”

Mark Campbell, from Wingerworth in Derbyshire, landed the lockdown category by building a fairy-tale-inspired castle for his granddaughter as the UK was closed last year.

The 60-year-old said of the two-story, 12-foot pine artwork: “It’s amazing what you can do with a little enthusiasm.”

Mark Campbell, winner of the Lockdown category with his hangar inspired by a castle (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

Topping the unexpected / unique category was John Williams’ pop-up pub in his back garden in Plymouth.

The Royal Navy chief engineer, 46, said of his work: “I wanted it to be unpretentious as you walk past, but to open like a pop-up book.”

John William with his ‘Bungy’s Backyard Bar’ pop-up shelter (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

A birding sanctuary won the equivalent of Olympic gold in the natural paradise category, created by holistic therapist Rosie Hoult of Shrewsbury.

“The shed has become our own little refuge… I spend most of the time there birding or reading and (my husband) David and I will spend hours chatting and relaxing,” the man said. 59 years old.

Nature’s Haven category winner Rosie Hoult, pictured with husband David, has created a birding sanctuary (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

After losing her mother and her job over the past year, Southampton’s Ally Scott has produced the best workshop / studio – a space for her to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and sign maker.

“This shed changed my life… I was in a mess after my mother died, but it gave me back the buzz,” said the 48-year-old.

Ally Scott’s shed ‘The Peculiar Pear’ which won the workshop / studio category (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

Artist Les Rowe, from New Brighton on the Wirral, took first place in the budget category.

The 67-year-old made a seven-sided refuge using mostly second-hand materials, including stained glass salvaged from a synagogue.

Winner of the Budget Les Rowe category with its Tranquility Base hangar (Cuprinol Shed of the Year / PA)

“I originally created Tranquility Base because I needed a shed, but because it’s so beautiful and unique, I don’t really want to put anything in it,” the man said. 67 years old.

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