Bibi Baskin announces her retirement by saying “I’m going to put on my shoes for the summer”

Seasoned journalist and radio personality Bibi Baskin has revealed she is stepping down from the microphone after a long career in the public eye.

He is from Ardara, County Donegal, was the first woman in Ireland to host her own TV talk show when she presented Bibi after that It’s Bibi on RTÉ in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

She left the broadcaster in 1994 for a stint as a journalist in New York and the UK before returning to RTÉ in 1998 to present The Saturday Show.

Speaking on Newstalk’s The hard shoulder Tonight, Ms Baskin announced that she will be retiring this summer as her 70th birthday approaches.

“I’m almost 70… it’s a respectable age to retire. I’m finishing, as I will at the end of this week, it’s a nice transition for me.

“I’m going to be up on my heels for the summer. I vowed to myself that I will spend more time outdoors and get in shape. For many people still alive, retirement is a very different thing from when. their grandmother retired.

Ms. Baskin, who was affectionately known as RTÉ’s ‘legendary redhead’, spoke of her appreciation for RTÉ by giving it a chance in national broadcasting when she presented Evening supplement between 1986 and 1988.

She also said she had no regrets about leaving Ireland and her broadcasting career to run a heritage house circa 1868 in India, which she transformed into a guesthouse and hotel offering yoga and Ayurvedic medicine and therapy.

“I am very grateful to RTÉ for entrusting me with the position many years ago. I’m pretty proud to have taken off on my own in a developing country, as a 50-year-old woman… and to have started a whole new career, ”she said.

“I left because I knew I just wanted a taste of this other world and, by God, I gave myself a good dose when I went to a developing Asian country.”

After leaving RTÉ, Ms Baskin worked in the UK for BBC television as well as for ITV, Channel 5 and several radio stations.

“After that, I followed a lifelong passion for Ayurveda, an Indian mind and body health system.

“The Indian central government recognized it as such. Ayurveda was part of this business enterprise,” she said on her website.

“I now live in Ireland where I focus on many aspects of physical and mental well-being and imparting this knowledge to you is my business. “

Current Irish speaker edited Irish language publication Anois from 1984 to 1986 before joining RTÉ. in 2015, she hosted a morning talk show on Cork 96FM called Line of opinion.

She was also a judge on RTÉ’s 2008 reality show. Fáilte towers where she and Irish restaurateur Derry Clarke and Castle Leslie hotelier Sammy Leslie decided the fate of a number of celebrities who battled to run a hotel for charity.

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